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The town of Chester is something straight out of a fairytale, with its cobbled streets, medieval buildings and the feeling of the past lingering in the air. And what better way to wind your way to the many attractions of the town while taking in the view peacefully. Book our minibus hire Chester today and we’ll become your white steed to carry you off on your adventures through town.


The town is rich in culture, which can be seen in the Grosvenor Museum that contains relics dating back to the Roman period. Connected to the museum is 20 street Castle, which has rooms furnished according to the periods in history that the room represents to give the viewer an interactive experience. Chester has its film society that puts up little plays and skits in the city theater and many of the town’s nightlife clubs. Visit Chester, and you need to pop into the Chester Zoo, the largest in all of the Britain. Several musical festivals and carnivals are held throughout the year. The city is populated with restaurants and pubs, most of which are housed in medieval buildings.


For anyone looking to make their trip to this quaint town the picture of travel bliss, we are the perfect partners. From carting you off to the zoo to giving you a cruise around the fairytale streets, our drivers can give you the best and more. Our staff is dedicated to their job and to the promise of making your trip worthwhile. With us, you will gain access to the best restaurants, the most convenient parking spots and make the best time wherever you go. Whether its traipsing through the countryside or making your way down to the music festivals, we are your perfect companions to make your dream come true.


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