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UK Minibuses Travel is one of the best suppliers of cars for the film and music industry in the entire United Kingdom. We have been in service for over 20 years serving major partners in the film and music industry. Through our contacts, experience, and integrity, we have been a major provider of vehicles for the music, film, and television industry. Through our work, we have achieved a reputation that is based on the quality services that we give to our clients.

At UK Minibuses Travel, we have a wide range of cars for different purposes in the film and music industry including production cars, cars for shooting movies and advertisements as well as a wide range of cars for whatever your need may be. We also have cars you can rent for your music crew.

Over the last 20 years, we have excelled not just as a minibus hire service provider, but a company that tailors all our services towards satisfying you, the cherished customer. We have excelled in providing vehicles to the Television, the TV commercial, Music, and Film industry. We are known to have the most comprehensive owned and well-operated fleets for this kind of industry.

Whatever your purpose, we will serve you with our fleet of cars. We provide the film and music industry with cars for hire and other static prop work.

At UK Minibuses Travel, we understand how production companies treat their deadlines and budgets. This is why we carve our plans according to the needs of the customer. We have a fleet of cars available to meet every upcoming deadline. We deliver cars across the United Kingdom within a short time as well as source cars to very tight deadlines and requirements. We have also worked directly with the production, filming, and advertising companies and with other specialist car service providers.
Are you in need of a car for simple shots? Do you need a bigger transportation for your movie or music family for their filming somewhere in the countryside? Do you want a caravan to move your crew to a holiday destination? Well, whatever your purpose or need, at UK Minibuses Travel, we can handle this in a short time for you.

You can also book minibus online on our platform. If In case you don’t get what you want, we are always ready to offer help. But be rest assured that immediately you walk into the doors of UK Minibuses Travel, all your filming and music worries are solved automatically. If you would like to have a caravan for a movie or music trip but does not know how or what to select, you just walk into UK Minibuses Travel and the best of advice would be given to you.

Give us a chance to give you a seamless experience with getting the best of service for your music and film activities. Inside the UK, we are the giants that will make sure that your movie or music events.